On June 25, 2023, near the RAMSAR site of Dayet Aoua, the Living Planet Morocco organization organized the capitalization workshop of the “Sustain Sebou Farming” project, which led to the deployment of 3 agrometeorological stations enabling local apple growers to adopt climate-smart irrigation practices.

On June 25, 2023, some 80 apple growers from the Dayet Aoua region and several institutional partners (Direction Provinciale de l’Agriculture DPA, Parc National d’Ifrane PNI, Province d’Ifrane PI, Office National du Conseil Agricole ONCA and the Commune territoriale de Dayet Aoua) took part in the capitalization workshop for the Sustain Sebou Farming project, implemented since July 2022 by the NGO Living Planet Morocco. The project is designed to help apple growers in the Imouzzer Kandar lake areas (Aoua, Hachlaf and Ifrah) make more efficient use of underground water resources.

The capitalization workshop provided an opportunity to present the main results of the project:

  • Carrying out 5 demonstration projects (upgrading the drip irrigation system, adopting precision irrigation using capacitive probes, comparing the agricultural yields of apple trees irrigated with drippers at different flow rates, comparing the agricultural yields of apple trees irrigated with deficit irrigation, irrigation management based on ET0 reference evapotranspiration data).
  • Organization of 3 workshops for local farmers on good agricultural water use practices.
  • Organization of an exchange visit to the Souss Massa region for members of the project steering committee (representatives of local cooperatives and partner institutions: DPA, PNI, ONCA, Province of Ifrane) to discover replicable experiences in the field of climate-smart irrigation.
  • Publication of a guide detailing a selection of 10 best practices in agricultural water management in the Dayet Aoua commune.
  • Installation of a complete meteorological station near the Dayet Aoua site, as well as two agrometeorological stations near Lake Ifrah and the Dayet Hachlef site.
  • Installation of a daily display of ET0 values.

The Sustain Sebou Farming project is part of the Sebou Water Fund program. It also runs in parallel with the Revive Dayet Aoua project, which aims to ecologically restore Lake Dayet Aoua. It should also be noted that the Sustain Sebou Farming project has received financial support from the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Last modified: November 24, 2023