For its 2022 edition, the “City of Wetlands” label was recently awarded to 25 new candidate cities, including Ifrane. This global accolade will be officially announced at the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP14), to be held from November 5 to 13, 2022.

The result of collaboration between the Province of Ifrane, the Urban Commune of Ifrane, the Agence Nationale des Eaux et Forêts, WWF and Living Planet Morocco, this accreditation is recognition of Ifrane’s commitment to safeguarding its urban wetlands for the benefit of both people and nature.

On the occasion of the 2020 World Wetlands Day celebrations in Ifrane, the Secretary General of Ifrane Province officially announced the town’s application for the Ramsar-accredited Wetlands Town label, and its support in preparing its application by WWF and Living Planet Morocco.

This label will encourage the town of Ifrane to promote the conservation management of its wetlands and generate sustainable socio-economic benefits for local populations. It will help develop and strengthen a positive relationship with these precious ecosystems, notably through greater public involvement and awareness, and careful consideration of wetlands in urban planning and decision-making.

It should also be recalled that to mark the celebration of World Wetlands Day on February 2, 2022, and in preparation for this accreditation, the town of Ifrane in partnership with WWF and Living Planet Morocco, had organized an awareness campaign for the protection of natural aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity under the slogan “Ifrane ♥ Nature” (Ifrane loves Nature).

It should be noted that with the accreditation of the new 25 candidate towns, the select club of “Wetland Towns” will include a total of 43 agglomerations located in 17 countries. Ifrane is the first Moroccan town to achieve this distinction.

Key dates:
  • 2015 : At the 12th Session of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention (COP12), the Ramsar Convention adopts the “Wetland City” Label initiated by WWF North Africa.
  • 2018 : For the first edition (triennial period 2016-2018), a total of 18 cities were accredited by COP13 and 2 wetlands in Morocco were classified as new Ramsar sites.
  • 2019: Classification of 12 new wetlands (including Oued Tizguite, which crosses the territory of the Urban Commune of Ifrane) on the Ramsar Convention’s list of international importance.
  • 2020 : Date of official submission of Ifrane’s application to the Ramsar authority.
  • 2022: Ifrane, first Moroccan town to receive the “Wetlands Town” label.

Last modified: November 24, 2023